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Become a Member

As of November 2017 the ÖMG has 493 members, 413 in Austria and 80 abroad. If you want to join our society because of your education, your profession or your interests, you can sign up online. Further information about our membership can be found in our by-laws.

Membership Dues

The current membership dues are € 35. They are to be payed in advance and include the Internationalen Mathematische Nachrichten and (bis auf weiteres) the Mitteilungen der DMV (Deutsche Mathematiker Vereinigung). In addition, members have the possibility to subscribe to the Mathematischen Semesterberichte and the DMV-Jahresbericht for € 26 each. If you have joined in September (or later) your membership dues are for the next year.

We ask you to transfer your dues in advance to our bank account

Name:Österreichische Mathematische Gesellschaft
IBAN:AT83 1200 0229 1038 9200
at the Bank Austria. Since payments are processed automatically, it is important to fill the payment reference (Verwendungszweck) according to the following instructions:
First Last: MB,DMV,SEM,SP
If your name agrees with the account holder, it is optional. Otherwise it is important to state your full name (without any titles) to make sure your payment is added to your account. The keys after the name specify how your payment should be used:
Without this information we assume MB (Mitgliedsbeitrag). In any case, a payment will first be used to pay your dues and the rest will be added as deposit to your account. Your deposit will be used automatically to pay your dues in the following years. In particular, it is possible to pay for several years in advance. In case of a deposit it is sufficient to transfer the difference when paying your dues. A deposit will of course be refunded upon request.

Late Payment

We will remind you to pay your dues by email. If you do not pay your dues before the coming year, your membership will be suspended. You can reactivate your membership at any time by paying your membership dues.

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