15. ÖMG-Kongress
Jahrestagung der Deutschen Mathematikervereinigung

16. bis 22. September 2001 in Wien

Sektion 16 - Mathematik im Unterricht und in der Öffentlichkeit
Donnerstag, 20. September 2001, 16.00, Hörsaal NIG I


Main Geometry Technics in Mathematical Olympiads

Agnis Andzans, University of Latvia, Riga (Koautoren: Ilze France, Liga Ramana)


Mathematical olympiads have become an important part of advanced mathematical education in many countries. Among other positive features they regularly provide fresh ideas to mathematical educational community. During last years the amount of problems on competitions at international level is spread approximately equally between algebra, geometry, combinatorics and number theory. The general success of a contestant correlates well with that in the geometry. Therefore the analysis of most appropriate methods is of some interest for at least ``olympiad professionals''. In the report the classes of ``qualitative'' and ``quantitative'' methods are introduced and characterized. Different approaches to geometry in the olympiads of Western world and Eastern Europe (cf.[1],[2]) are described. Latvian experience of advanced teaching of geometry is considered (cf.[3]).

[1] T.Andreescu, R.Gelca. Mathematical Olympiad Challenges. Birkhauser, 2000.
[2] V.Prasolov. Problems in Geometry 1-2 (in Russian). Nauka, 1991.
[3] A.Andzans, E.Falkensteine, A.Grava. Geometry for Middle School 1-4 ( in Latvian ). Zvaigzne ABC, 1992-1997.

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