15. ÖMG-Kongress
Jahrestagung der Deutschen Mathematikervereinigung

16. bis 22. September 2001 in Wien

Sektion 6 - Topologie, Differentialgeometrie
Montag, 17. September 2001, 16.30, Hörsaal NIG III


On Lie order structures and aliens

Brigitte E. Breckner, Boku Wien (Koautor: Wolfgang A.F. Ruppert)


This talk presents a short survey over some recent results connected with orders $ \preceq$ on a Lie group $ G$. One of the central tasks in this context is to find conditions under which order intervals are compact, so that, e.g., Volterra kernels can be defined. We define and describe the set of alien elements in the semigroup of elements $ \succeq 1$ as a kind of ``obstruction'' to compactness of order intervals. In particular, we give explicit results in the case of $ G=Sl(2,R)$.

E-Mail: ruppert@edv1.boku.ac.at

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